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Liz Clark


Liz Clark is an Ireland-based singer, songwriter, performer, and musician.  Liz has recorded five full length studio albums of original songs. Over the past 15 years she has performed and collaborated throughout the US and Europe.  Liz has worked on solo engagements, as well as collaboratively in a group and leading full bands. She has performed alongside the likes of Sarah McLachlan, Emmylou Harris, and The Counting Crows.

Over the past four years she has been working extensively in the Arts and Health context in which she developed a collaborative approach to the songwriting process in healthcare settings across West Cork.  As part of the Arts For Health Partnership Programme, she developed The Starling Song Project which preserves stories and heritage from older participants in the form of song. From this work, she developed The Starling Band, involving three other singers and instrumentalists to showcase this music in a wider context outside of the hospitals. They have been featured at the Skibbereen Arts Festival twice and performed in pubs and concert venues throughout West Cork.

She also spends time mentoring young people through the Skibbereen Community and Family Resource Centre with songwriting, singing, band participation, live performance, and recording.

‘In the last few years I have found so much more meaning in my work through working with people who have different perspectives and learning from different cultures. This work has really made me push myself and grow.’

Hand On The Stove, 2005. 
Pursuit, 2008. 
Lonely and the Moose, And All Of The Space In The Whole Wide World, 2012, a collaboration with Tessa Perry.