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A series of entertaining and investigative episodes, each tackling an issue relating to our Arts for Health work and featuring the key players who make up the programme; artists, healthcare professionals, participants, manager and partners. Presenter, Liz Clark leads the conversations adding her unique perspective as a musician and artist working on the programme. The series portrays the complexity and the value of culture and the arts in healthcare, sharing the challenges and successes of innovation and creativity in a hospital setting from the different perspectives of those involved.

Uillinn Podcast on Arts for Health

Working Together

A special edition of Uillinn Podcast to celebrate #bealtaineathome2021.

In this episode presenter Gavin Buckley brings together artists Sharon Dipity and Sarah Ruttle in conversation with Programme Manager, Justine Foster to explore what it means to work together – collaborating with each other, the staff and residents of the hospitals and healthcare settings in their most recent project Little Light Pocket Theatre.

Episode 1

Sustaining Creativity and Ambition

What is it like to be an artist working in healthcare?  Visual artists, composers and poet making art in long term care and day care settings, discussing the challenges and the rewards with the healthcare staff. Join us on twitter #artsforhealthpodcast

Episode 2

Being Both, Creative and Sterile

How do we strike the balance between structure and unpredictability in a clinical setting?  this eposode looks at collaborative approaches between the artists, healthcare professionals and the participants to ensure a safe space for creativity. Join us on twitter #artsforhealthpodcast

Episode 3

Drivers and Barriers

In Episode 3, presenter Liz Clarks talks to healthcare workers, programme partners and management behind the scenes, asking how national policy and stratergy influences the programme ? and if this is always a good thing. Join us on twitter #artsforhealthpodcast