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Unsung Heroes

Go on, give yourself a medal! That’s what artist Helle Helsner expressed to the women in the Tuesday group in Clonakilty day care centre who over the last eight weeks have been designing, sculpting and shining up a series of hand crafted bronze medals inspired by the centenary celebrations. Helle describes, ‘The medals were to be a celebration of the women’s lives rather than the rising, as so often we go through life without being celebrated even though we all could do with some recognition once in a while. It is often the little things which make a true hero or heroine.’

Bernadette Edmead, Day Care Coordinator at Clonakilty Hospital, expressed the many ways in which the participants of the project flourished, ‘It was a really beneficial project, beginning with asking each other about their achievements and drawing their ideas. Not only was the project really fun, it was creative and therapeutic with such a great surprise at the end,’ when the artist planned a ceremony to award the women their medals of achievement.