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Time to Sit Up and Look

Exhibition of work by students on this years ‘Arts Participation for Healthcare Professionals’ course at Clonakilty Community Hospital, facilitated by Toma McCullim celebrating Active Ageing Week 26 September to 3 October, 2016

The exhibition includes group and individual artwork including Chair, a project exploring an aspect of mental health, where the chairs represent ideas as varied as chronic pain or having good family relationships.

The Cabinet of Curiosity an interactive artwork designed to be brought around a ward where individuals can explore a drawer from their bedside and Song Group Canvas described by one of the students, ‘Singing inspired freedom with painting, and in turn the painting gave us the confidence to sing along, as well as lead the group with our own song contributions. Working together on this canvas was extremely enjoyable and informative. It was a meditative experience, where we simply appreciated and trusted the process, rather than focusing on the finished product. The outcome…an interesting, unique and satisfying piece of work!’