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SHOUTOUT: 100 Essential Songs

We are thrilled to have a monthly slot in West Cork Senior SHOUTOUT a newsletter for older people living in the West Cork Area. SHOUOUT is produced by our partners in the Community Work Department at Cork and Kerry Community Healthcare.

Congratulations to Evie Finley for her work on bringing this fantastic new initiative together.

This month artist Liz Clark asked:

What are your essential songs?

Music is at the heart of all our lives and our culture. Most of us can recall a song that ignites our imagination or that is significant in our life, reminding us of a treasured moment, a friend or loved one. It could be the lyric, the melody or rhythm that connects with us, but something about it make it essential to our lives.

Singer songwriter Liz Clark who works on the Arts for Health programme with residents and staff at Schull Community Hospital has gathered a ‘List of 100 Essential Songs’ with residents, staff and families at the hospital. She is now asking you What songs do you think are essential and why? Are they essential to you, or to the world, or for the next generation?”

Liz first came up with the idea after meeting Roseanne Cash, daughter of Johnny Cash at Skibbereen’s Arts Festival in the summer of 2018. Roseanne told the audience her father had given her a very precious list, written out in his own hand, of 100 essential country songs as part of her musical education. She later went on to be a musical artist herself and recorded an album with a selection of those songs.


The Top 100 ‘Essential’ Songs

  1. Irish Harvest Day
  2. Goodnight Irene
  3. If I Were a Blackbird
  4. It’s A Long Way To Tipperary
  5. I’ll Tell Me Ma
  6. Banks of my Own Lovely Lee
  7. Spancil Hill
  8. Dear Old Skibbereen
  9. The Old Folks At Home (Swanee River)
  10. Yellow Rose of Texas
  11. 3 Years Ago This Very Day
  12. A Mother’s Love’s A Blessing
  13. 40 Shades of Green
  14. Doonaree
  15. Amazing Grace
  16. Black Velvet Band
  17. Golden Jubilee
  18. Castle of Dromore
  19. Dan O’Hara
  20. Streets of Baltimore
  21. Red is the Rose
  22. Mother Ma chroi
  23. Churchyard in the Spring
  24. Daisy a Day
  25. Belfast Mill
  26. Will You Go Lassie go
  27. The stout hearted men of the County Mayo
  28. Moonlight in mayo
  29. Blowing in the wind
  30. One day you will call my name
  31. Sweet 16
  32. Galway Bay
  33. Oh Susanna
  34. Far away in Australia
  35. The road by the river that runs through Raheen
  36. Home on the range
  37. Roads of Kildare
  38. Grace
  39. Emigrant’s letter
  40. The old bog road
  41. I’ll walk beside you
  42. The holy ground
  43. Boulavogue
  44. MacNamara’s band
  45. You’ll never walk alone
  46. Spinning wheel song
  47. Come by the hills
  48. Fields of Athenry
  49. The Ferry man
  50. Homes of Donegal
  1. How can you buy Killarney
  2. Mount Massey the flower of Macroom
  3. My hometown in the old County Down
  4. Home boys home
  5. The rose of Mooncoin
  6. Dingle Bay
  7. The banks of the roses
  8. The green glens of Antrim
  9. Fiddlers Green
  10. Shoals of herring
  11. The Galway shawl
  12. Marie‘s wedding
  13. The Bantry girl’s lament
  14. Granny’s old armchair
  15. The hills of Kerry
  16. A’ roaming in the gloaming
  17. I wish I had someone to love me
  18. I’m a rambler I’m a gambler
  19. Three leaf Shamrock
  20. The Northern Lights of old Aberdeen
  21. Glasgow belongs to me
  22. Farewell to Galway
  23. Raglan Road
  24. Fineen the rover
  25. The whistling gypsy
  26. The old man
  27. Come back Paddy Reilly
  28. How much is that doggy in the window
  29. Song for Ireland
  30. Connemara cradle song
  31. Westering home/ Trasna na dTonnta
  32. Súil a rún
  33. Seasons
  34. The minstrel boy
  35. As old friends do
  36. The last rose of summer
  37. The mountains of Mourne
  38. The humour is on me now
  39. The snowy breasted pearl
  40. The valley of Knockanure
  41. Sunshine of your smile
  42. The water is wide
  43. Shake hands with Uncle Dan
  44. Crazy
  45. This land is your land
  46. Lovely Derry on the banks of the Foyle
  47. The coast of Malabar
  48. Courtin in the kitchen
  49. Bless this house
  50. When the curtains of night (I remember you love in my prayers)