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‘Sail On’ in Schull

The Ship in the Night’ at Schull Community Hospital, is a collaborative project with hospital residents and artist Sarah Ruttle and Michael Ray.

The management and hospital staff in association with Arts for Health Partnership,celebrated the installation of the remarkable large scale glasswork​ on ​​Wednesday ​11 April at 2:30pm. The launch was attended by Michael Collins TD and Cllr Danny Collins and performance of ‘Sail On’ by Maurice Seezer on piano and Camilla Griehsel on vocals.

The imagery depicts a collage of personal stories; a journey where the boat fare separated families to finding one another again, the work in rotating the land and nature’s cycle to hitching a lift and the search for adventure overseas. Sarah made the work over a four month period with the technical support of glass artist Michael Ray, “My aim was to reflect a true moment, depict the people that resides here in Schull Community Hospital and to reach out to the passers-by and visitors”.

In memory of the late Fergus O’Farrell the singer-songwriter, poet and painter, the glasswork takes account of engraved lyrics from “Sail On” written by Mal MacClancy, and performed by his band ‘Interference’ in the late 80’s, tying together the momentary tales and the ever present Atlantic Sea for resident of Schull Community Hospital.

This artwork was made possible with the support of Friends of Schull Community Hospital and Arts for Health Partnership Programme.

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