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Artists – Sharon Dipity & Charlotte Donovan


Dunmanway Community Hospital

AfHDunCH_WhistlerCD SD18 (2)

The aim of the project was – using grass whistling as a theme: to introduce techniques of traditional paper making from plants; to make paper from grass; to print onto that paper using a printing press and to create simple handmade book forms.

The project took place over four sessions;

Session 1: The participants were introduced to papermaking. They made paper sheets from plant pulp (montbretia) and also from cotton pulp with plant elements (leaves, petals) added both in a vat and laminated between sheets of paper pulp.

Session 2: The participants experimented with whistling using grass. Using the press and by inking up blades of grass and seed heads the participants printed onto dried sheets of paper.

Session 3: The participants created a group piece using freshly made pulp from various grasses – unbleached and bleached – to make a concertina book.

Session 4: The participants made their own individual folded concertina books, and printed in them using stamps. They then printed in the group concertina book using grasses and techniques from session 2. The completed book was then folded up.

Sessions 1 and 3 took place outside in fine weather. Session 3 had a large audience of both patients and staff. Everyone was very interested in the techniques.

The finished artwork (handmade paper concertina book) was framed and entered into the Dunmanway Show (winning second prize). Individual sheets of handmade paper, some with prints were also displayed.

This project was a successful collaboration between two artists to encompass concept, technique and outcome in a limited amount of time.



28 May – 2 July 2018