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Artist – Liz Clark

We Will Be Back

Day Care Centre Co Ordinators

This project was just so hopeful in a time when we needed it most. I got a chance to ring each Day Care Coordinator and just chat, laugh about our memories, cry. Each person had their own input and unique view of the situation. But one thing that really prevailed was the sentiment that their clients in the Day Cares are a strong generation and they think of them like their family, their friends, and their teachers. They are missed desperately, but all feel hopeful and inspired to continue on this course, knowing they’ll be back.
Let me know what else I can do on my end. When you have the release written, I’ll send it to John Greene on C103 who is happy to play it on the air.
At the end of last year we were looking for a way to connect with the Day Care clients again through the Arts For Health Programme, when Justine Foster rang me with an idea to focus instead on the Day Care Coordinators, knowing they were all dispersed and a project like this might just be a bit of a morale booster.
I immediately knew the right person to help me with this project would be my wonderful friend Paula K O’Brien. She is not only a well-established musician, but a staff nurse at Clonakilty Community Hospital. She has worked alongside quite a few of these coordinators and shares the hopes and dreams for the clients of the day care as well.
Oh- the credits for the song could read
Guitar and Vocals- Liz Clark
Bass and Vocals- Paula K O’Brien
Participants are:
(you’ll have to help me with last names!…)
Ellen Dunne
Joan O’Driscoll
Joanna McCarthy
Mary Willis
June Hammil
Dedicated to all those who have lost someone close