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Artist – Fiona Kelleher

The Song Map

Skibbereen Community Hospital & Dunmanway Community Hospital

Artist Fiona Kelleher, was new to the programme and part of the new team of musicians and composers that joined the programme in 2017.  She was immediately taken by the rich tapestry of Irish song that is the repertoire of the residents and recognised the value in researching and learning more from the participants. 

Recognising that a vital aspect of the songs, is the rich and plentiful reference to place and how associated stories and images are very much linked to those areas, she began to build a visual map with the support of visual artist Colm Rooney, who was also resident in Dunmanway Hospital. This enriching collaboration underlined the value of having two artists from different artforms working in parallel and the benefits it bestows on the programme for the participants and the artists.

In each weekly session, Fiona discussed the unique characteristics of places, how to get there and things noticed along the way. The residents responded with more songs.

Colm Rooney helped design an appropriate visual accompaniment to the songs to help map out the various journeys taken over the duration of the project.



February – June 2017