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Artist – Toma McCullim

Landscapes and Lifeforms

Skibbereen Community Hospital


This project ran concurrent with an exhibition held at Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre called, Landmarks and Lifeforms by Frieda Meaney and Danny Osborne, two artists who live and work on the Beara Peninsula on the western seaboard. The artists’ interests in geology, biology, marine science and zoology as well as travel and navigation is presented in this exhibition through painting, print, video installation and sculpture, combining scientific with artistic interpretations of the natural world.

Two artworks, by each of the eminent artists were placed in the hospital; one of Frieda Meaney’s by the ward and visitors room and one outside the staff room of Danny Osborne’s land series which was also carried around the wards as it smaller in size and with its delicate line drawing, benefitted from close inspection. The artwork being exhibited in the hospital gave residents an experience and involvement in the cultural life of the town, bringing the exhibition into the hospital courtesy of the artists.

Bringing the work from the artists into the hospital allowed the residents to draw on the artworks as a resource for creating their own drawings. The opportunity presented new topics of discussion and the impetus to create artwork using similar techniques and themes shown in the work.

Objects from the gallery resource Discovery Box were also brought into sessions to share around during activity workshops (to find out more about Discovery Box see here). New artwork was created which used layering techniques on acetate exploring the themes and palette of Lifeforms and referring to the concepts behind of Frieda Meaney’s work.



Concurrent with an exhibition at Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre, 15 March to 19 April 2017


“I didn’t think I was capable of that ! I surprised myself !”

Nellie O’Driscoll.