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Artists – Liz Clark, Justin Grounds, Mailo Haas, Fiona Kelleher, Darragh Kearns-Hayes & Maurice Seezer


Skibbereen Day Care Centre, Uillinn WCAC, Skibbereen Hospital, Crawford Art Gallery

 The aim of the project was to document and reflect upon the pilot year of the Arts for Health Music programme and to have honest perspectives from each music artist, along with Programme directors and partners, expressed in a creative and sometimes funny way.

A conversation about working in the Arts For Health Programme, challenges, highlights, etc took place in Liz’s car as they drove around Skibbereen. We filmed scenes from within the car and culminated the short film in a performance by the musicians at Skibbereen Day Care Centre for participants that have availed of the programme previously.

This was a creative way of documenting the pilot year of the AFH music programme in the form of a short film which included interviews detailing experiences and reflections from artists and the steering group filmed in a moving vehicle. The film climaxed with a session in Skibbereen community hospital where all the musicians from the programme collaborated with participants from the daycare to perform a reworking of a traditional song made created in sessions on the programme. This captured more accurately the feeling and atmosphere of a typical AFH music session than a written report ever could.

This project resulted in a practical review and impression of the Arts for Health music programme and an artefact to publicise and share the activities of the programme with colleagues and participants.

The film was officially previewed at the Check-up, Check-in National Arts in Health conference and served as a review for the pilot year of the music programme in AFH. The short film is now on youtube and social media outlets for Arts For Health Programme.


April – November 2018


“It’s exciting and catchy and it pulls you in right away.” (Liz Clark – Musician & Artist)

“My favourite part was having all the musicians in one room, going over a song to perform later. Because of the way we normally work with one musical artist per hospital, we rarely get to play together and just enjoy the music we can make as a group. We all had smiles on our faces throughout the day”. (Participant)