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Artist – Liz Clark

100 Songs

Schull Community Hospital

100 songs arts for health project

Liz Clark set out to devise an official List of 100 essential songs. This list could then be published, shared, performed, recorded. Beyond the physical list, she hoped to mostly have a lively discussion about WHAT “essential” actually means, ARE these songs essential to us as human beings, what MAKES them essential, WHY some and not others… 

Liz came to the group with her latest idea, inspired by a List of Essential Songs written by music legend Johnny Cash to his daughter Roseanne. She told everyone she would like to compile a list that could then be passed on to her children. The participants began discussing what we could do as well, including publishing the list in a local paper and possibly having a performance of the top ten in the future. Every week, she came in with an updated List where new songs are added, with an average of 15 to 20 new songs added each week. Each time a song is brought up, the group discussed it. Often we would start singing the song and other memories regarding the song would come out.


October 2018 to September 2019


“yes yes! That song is in our blood…”(one participant’s words about The Banks Of Our Own Lovely Lee)

“Jack Lynch used to sing The Banks because he was a Cork-man” (another resident’s observation).

Image Credits: Liz Clark and Toma McCullim