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Artist – Sarah Ruttle

See Me Hear Me

Dunmanway Community Hospital

see me hear me2

Name: Sarah Ruttle      Dates of project: 2016
Did you work with other AfH Artists:
AfH location:Schull Community Hospital
Project title: ‘See me Hear me’
Number of participants attended (total):85
Number of sessions on site:10 sessions

Engage participants considering different senses inclusive of touch, sound and vision. Make an artwork visually translating participants interests and understanding of art.

Recognising a variety of individuals needs and how they connect with art in their own way this project will make use of the senses for the benefit of participants engagment. Using sound to connect with those inspired by music and interested in the everyday soundscape alongside handling different objects to develop the conversation through touch.

Working the majority of the time 1:1 within the group session each participant collaborated with the artist, taking a suitcase as a base form for an artwork and looking at how it could be transformed to represent each individual. One participant made a bird emerging from an opening in the suitcase representing a sense of freedom while another’s love for her city garden formed a spilling over of floral forms.

A collection of scupltural artwork made in card suitcases 12×6 cm from the project are on exhibiton in the Community Hospital reception space.


I feel connecting sound/music to visual art has such a potential in connecting with participants on different levels of engagement I will look at how to develop this if future projects.