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Podcasts Released

Made last year and not yet released! now seems a good time when we might have time while we stay at home. We invite you to join us in a cup of tea and a listen of our three part podcast series showing inside the Arts for Health programme.

Each episode tackles an issue relating to our arts and health work and features the key players who make up the programme.  Portraying the complexity and the value of culture and the arts in healthcare, the series shares the challenges and successes of innovation and creativity in a hospital setting from the different perspectives of those involved.

Presenter, Liz Clark leads the conversations adding her unique perspective as a musician and artist working on the programme, kicking off the series asking artists What is it like to be an artist working in healthcare?  

A new episode will be released each week at 1:30pm on Wednesdays. Go to Arts for Health Podcast

Join us on twitter #artsforhealthpodcast

Credits: Produced by Michael Holly, Graphic Design by Ana Maria Surdu, Presented by Liz Clark and music by Darragh Kearns Hayes, Justin Grounds, Maire Laure Haas and Fiona Kelleher

With special thanks to all the residents, participants, managers and healthcare staff

Supported by Cork Education and Training Board and the Arts for Health Partnership