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Last Train to Nowhere

The Last Train to Nowhere is a multi-disciplinary collaboration film exploring memory and imagination. Coordinated by composer and film maker Justin Grounds, with facilitation by artists Sarah Ruttle, Sharon Dipity and writer Elizabeth Murray, the film draws on poetry, drawings, musical soundscape and film made by participants in the Arts for Health program in Skibbereen, Schull and Bantry Community Hospitals.

The project evolved over several months, with each piece of artistic work inspiring the next stage of the development. Initially Justin and the participants in Skibbereen collected Field recordings from the hospital environment and in creating a montage soundscape found it had echoes of a train journey. This led to Elizabeth and the residents of Schull and Skibbereen to create visual poems drawing on their memories of train journeys. The metaphor deepened as the rhythmic experience of looking from train windows captured on film by Justin and showed to participants unlocked day dreams and remembrances. Sarah and Sharon then took these poems and used them as inspiration for participants’ line drawings in Schull and Bantry.

Seeing animations of these line drawings and poems made by Justin led Skibbereen poet and resident of the community hospital to compose a beautiful original poem which ties all the beautiful artistic work together.

The screening took place online and in-person at the hospitals on 1 May at 11am.