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While Isolation20 isnt strickly speaking an Art for Health Project, it was born of the Arts for Health connection and devised by Composer and Violinist Justin Grounds one of our Core artist team members.

Isolation20 marks a moment in our history and celebrates the unique culture of our Cork community with the composition and performance of new music. Listen to the piece below.

Isolation20, 2020/21, composer Justin Grounds, 10:29
For best listening effect please wear headphones.

”The lockdown has of course been challenging in some ways but it has also opened up more opportunities to learn. I’ve been able to make music with people from all over the world who have been missing creating music together. Unfortunately, the joy of playing live in a room together has diminished with the current restrictions but the collaborative element has been great. I’ve been able to see people bring their music together in really interesting ways”. Justin Grounds

In a project supported by Cork County Council / Creative Ireland, Clonakilty-based composer Justin Grounds worked with twenty singers from across the county of Cork, inviting a diverse community of volunteers to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, practically, symbolically and creatively.

Justin Grounds is a classically trained violinist and composer whose recent projects include Last Dance with dancer Inma Pavon as part of Arts for Health and The Embracing Universe, a new oratorio performed by a special project choir and seven musicians at Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre for Skibbereen Arts Festival 2019.

for more information on the project go to Isolation20 — Uillinn Galleries