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In the Music Room

Latest update on our how our Arts for Health Programme is responding in these challenging times we are living in.
While saddened by the news of closure in the day care centres, our dynamic team have been creative and ingenious in our shared commitment to maintaining community connect between artists, staff and participants.
Infrastructure is varies between locations so while we work on  live streem connect, composer Justin Grounds has recorded a three part series called In the Music Room exploring Melody, Harmony and Rhythm.
Hospitals are welcome to stream our first trial episode here or download it here along with the other episodes as they are made. There are a few focus issues on this episode which we will sort next week, we’ve a steep learning curve in new technologies…but hope you enjoy all the same and we look forward to episode 2.
Respect our healthcare workers and stay at home

For information and advice on COVID-19

Your Mental Health HSE Information Line Freephone: 1800 111 888 at any time


Episode 1 _ Melody, a close friend

Episode 2 _Harmony, having fun

Episode 3_ Rhythm, within us all