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I’m On My Way

Tomorrow 21 May at 11:00am for National Arts in Nursing Homes day, we are sharing a new short film, ‘I’m on My Way’, made with staff and residents at St. Joseph’s Unit, Bantry General Hospital, film maker Aoise Tutty Jackson and composer Justin Grounds.
Working from Beara, Aoise collaborated with Clonakilty-based Justin, to gather footage of the natural environment and spring life as it bloom. This experimental project connected people isolating in the residential unit to West Cork landscape and special places that they recall whilst introducing the concepts around filmmaking.
Open to a creative challenge, and with great support from Activities Director Sarah Cairns, the artists explored ways of working remotely with residents over a series of weekly zoom sessions. Aoise describes the experience, ‘”It was a real pleasure to be able to bring some of the blossoming and blooming local wildlife and natural world in to residents lives during this period. A highlight was being able to remotely follow residents as they took up the camera themselves and filmed on the rooftop garden during one of our sessions. Combining both participants requests for footage along with an interactive discovery box session whereby staff in Bantry supported filming live, we will be weaving together elements of film, poetry and newly composed music to create our Bealtaine offering.” 
Making the most of the video calling technology available to them, the residents took a lead role in the process of making the piece,  collaboratively composing music and poetry and contributing to the gathering of video footage. With the final edit by Aoise this short film reflects the interactive and sonic journey made by the artists and residents from March through to May 2021.