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Creative Wellbeing

Uillinn Dance

Creative Wellbeing is a movement and self-care series to support healthcare professionals . While our healthcare workers spend so much time caring for others, this programme provides an opportunity to care for ourselves.

Beginning with an introduction to Creative Wellbeing for Healthcare Workers the series takes a step by step guided approach to exploring movements that release tension from Hips and Shoulders, soothe anxiety to restore ease and and renew your energy.

The series is available to stream for arts and health practitioners from September to December 2021.No dance or artistic experience of any kind is needed to enjoy these workshops. All you need is access to the internet, a space of your own and curiosity.

Creative Wellbeing

An Introduction

Each workshop introduces a new self-care skill for the initial 10 minutes of the session followed by a somatic movement journey.

Creative Wellbeing

Session 1

Movement -Tension Release for Hips and Shoulders

Selfcare Skill – Restore Calm with a Breathing Technique

Creative Wellbeing

Session 2

Movement – Creating Ease through the Spine

Selfcare Skill – Soothing Anxiety through Sound

Creative Wellbeing

Session 3

Movement – Finding Lightness in Standing

Selfcare Skill – Refresh and Renew the Eyes and your Energy

Sessions are presented by dance artist Laura Sarah Dowdall based in Dublin. Laura describes her dance practice as playful space where she merges the worlds of dance,  somatic movement, and creative wellbeing . She enjoys creating experiential dance work that is immersive and permeable to audience interaction.

National lockdown in 2020 inspired her work Embodied Nature, a site-specific movement practice and performance series.
Restricted in our space and company, this work explores how we can recover curiosity, wonder, and awe in places well-known and new. How our environment can speak through us, support us and accompany us.