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Botanical Human Hybrid

Ida Mitrani is the recipient of this years Arts for Health Learning Residency in partnership with Cork County Council and with support from Creative Ireland. Ida’s studio residency will take place at Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre from September 29 – November 6, 2021

Ida is a multidisciplinary artist and art educator currently living in the Beara peninsula, in West Cork. She recently graduated from the Crawford College of Art and Design with a First class honours masters degree in Art and Process (2021) During her residency at Uillinn, Ida will be mentored by artist, Sarah Ruttle and supported in her programme of work by Justine Foster.

Mitrani’s concerns and interests are influenced by concepts and theories of plant culture in the current environmental crisis, including plant blindness, post-naturalism and hybrid material. Her creative process explores the relationship and the interaction between humans, plants and technology, and looks at the function and meaning of weeds in today’s society.

Her aim while on residency is to design a creative kit to be mailed to participants on the arts for health programme at home. Each kit will invite participants to capture a memory of the present era using an environment of textures that reflects the diversity and adaptability of life, and contemplates a vision of a possible new understanding of a ‘clean landscape’ where plastic is incorporated in nature. The mixed media drawings and installations explore ways of combining various recycled, non- biodegradable materials, organic life forms and digitised images. The contrast between the decaying organics and the more enduring materials makes her reflect on human’s legacy on earth.

The participatory, creative and educative nature of the residency will highlight the importance of cooperation and communication where all involved in the project work in partnership to benefit each other, important factors in the artist’s research in the relationship between humans and nature.

The experience of the residency will benefit the artist in generating new ideas while learning new techniques and methodologies to better adapt to various situations, to help with problem solving, and to develop and deliver future socially engaged creative projects in a safe environment.