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Artist – Liz Clark



Love Letters was a collaborative song writing project that aimed to connect our health service community in a celebration of arts, culture and diversity. 

‘Authenticity’ was the name given to the final song. Singer-songwriter Liz Clark developed the song collaboratively through creative conversations with LGBTQIA+ Cork Kerry Community Healthcare staff. The song writing project took place through a series of engagements: in person at Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre, and one to one creative conversation with the artist.

Liz Clark and LGBTQIA+ staff allies in the Coolnagarrane choir performed the completed song at the Skibbereen hospital campus. The performance was recorded for sharing, and is included as part of the YouTube video above. A live performance took place on 4th March 2024 at Skibbereen Day Care Centre with Liz and the choir. This was held during a special visit of Christopher Bailey, Arts and Health Lead (WHO), as part of Creative Brain Week 2024.


Love Letters arts and health project took place between October 2023 and February 2024.


“I felt supported, I felt heard, I felt proud. It felt really affirming to be amongst my tribe.  And I also had fun. I would do this again. – Participant.

“I haven’t come across such a fun way to be proud in my 24 years in HSE as an LGBTQ person.” – Participant.

The project was managed through the Arts for Health Partnership Programme, West Cork who lent their expertise in delivery and production of arts and health programmes in the Community Health Network Area.

The project was led by singer-songwriter Liz Clark, and documented by filmmaker and visual artist Toma McCullim.

Generously supported through 2023 RENEW Creative Ireland, Healthy Ireland, HSE, The Arts Council delivered by Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre in partnership with Cork Kerry Community Healthcare