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Kate Liddell

Kate Liddell 2

Kate Liddell is a composer and multi-instrumentalist based in West Cork. Learning violin and cornet from a young age, she completed a degree in Music before travelling to Indonesia to continue her studies in their traditional orchestra, gamelan. Kate has over 20 years experience of playing, performing, composing, and improvising with bands and orchestras of many different genres. She is currently developing and composing her own compositions, as well as co-creating music as part of several projects in West Cork.

Kate has worked as a music teacher since 2009, and is experienced facilitating one-to-one or group sessions. She has a passion for encouraging people to express themselves musically, and believes that it is possible for anyone to collaborate and create something beautiful and fun. Kate volunteers with a charity project called Replay, who donate instruments for children, and facilitate music workshops at festivals around the UK.

Kate recently began studying the MA in Music Therapy at the University of Limerick.

Kate Liddell recording at home, Galway.
Dunmore East, Waterford. 
‘Jeremy’s Cottage’. Composed by Kate Liddell. Performed by Mamacha, 2022.