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Helle Helsner

Helle Helsner

Resident at Clonakilty Hospital, guest since 2012, 2015, 2016

Born in Copenhagen in 1968, I moved to Ireland in 1994 to study fine art in the Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork. Working primarily in sculpture I began, early on in my career, to explore the inclusion of bronze casting into my practice. This led to a two year Masters (through research) into prehistoric casting techniques and ancient methods are still at the forefront of my practice. However, drawing has also always been an important part of my career, particularly life drawing.  Establishing my own studio practice in beautiful West Cork led to a greater appreciation of nature and subsequently the visions it has to offer. Nature is now seen as my model when drawing as often as the figure.
Travels, particularly, to New Mexico working alongside a shaman proved a turning point in my career. It allowed me for the first time, to fully express my values and seek a new language for my work. The borders between sculpture and drawing became far less visible, and texture, touch and materials play an ever increasing role in my making. Exploration and collaboration are broadening my horizon and expanding my creativity bringing new life into my practice.

1.Golden Daisy, Cast Daisy flower in gold, 2×2.5cm 2104

2. Beside cow strand, drawing, pen on paper. 24x32cm 2017

3. Me, myself and I, Bronze 10x13x36cm 2010