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Darragh Kearns-Hayes

Darragh Kearns Hayes

Darragh Kearns-Hayes is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Cork, Ireland and currently based in Sweden. He worked for over two years as core member of the Arts for Health team and since relocating to Sweden in 2019, he visits residents remotely and during once off visits.

Darragh studied piano and music theory at the Cork School of Music from an early age and graduated from there in 2013 with a first class honours. In 2016, he completed his Masters in Composition, studying with Wim Henderickx and Richard Ayres at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

Darragh’s compositions have been recorded and performed by RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra, Nieuw Ensemble, Orkest de Ereprijs, Conservatorium van Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra, Sarah Jeffery and Marja Gaynor amongst others. As a performer, Darragh has played a selection of instruments with ensembles such as Nieuw Ensemble, Cork School of Music Symphony Orchestra and Cork New Music Ensemble as well as his trios Lyda and Penguin Tio. In 2016 Darragh collaborated with Nina Kay, creating a dance piece based on the lives of Emperor penguins, premiering at Composers Festival Amsterdam.

‘The Eskimo’s Regret’. Composed by Darragh Kearns-Hayes. Performed by Marja Gaynor and Darragh Kearns-Hayes, 2014.
‘Slán go fóill’. Composed by Darragh Kearns-Hayes. Performed by Raquel Pavón Fernández, Aoise O’Dwyer, Seán Ó Dálaigh, Manu Sánchez García, Vincent Arp, Richard Ayres, and Darragh Kearns-Hayes, 2015.
‘Is cuimhin liom’. Composed by Darragh Kearns-Hayes. Performed by Nieuw Ensemble with Sarah Jeffery and Darragh Kearns-Hayes, conducted by Gregory Charette, 2016.