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Art and Wellbeing

As we move forward into summer, Cork Kerry Community Healthcare is supporting and encouraging their staff cohort to engage in art activites to help maintain their wellbeing, reduce stress and ward off burnout.  The staff worked above and beyond to support artists to deliver the Arts for Health programme through the lockdowns, bridging the connect with older people in residential services, it is great to be able to offer them space to create for themselves.

At Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre artist Sarah Ruttle has just facilitated a series of visual workshops begining with printmaking, wire sculptures, textile & paper art exploring traditional art forms in a contemporary way and following with more sessions where the group  developed their own ideas based on their new skills. Mixed with an evening walk through the Uillinn galleries, each session took an informal and relaxed approach to exploring creativity including an important time converse with colleagues in a relaxed setting.

‘Having the opportunity to share creative workshops with the healthcare staff has been energising! Working within Arts & Health alongside healthcare staff, I’ve had a glimpse into the dedication involved in their work and being able to provide a space where they could explore creativity & take a moment for themselves has been really special. A whole series of beautiful artworks has been created which you could see but I’d love to also be able to capture the moments of support, encouragement & laughter shared. ‘ – artist Sarah Ruttle

‘(the art workshops gave us ) the opportunity to explore and learn artmaking in a safe, nurturing and fun setting. There was no presure to be an expert and Sarah was so warm, welcoming and encouraging…I’ve already asked if we can do it again’ – participant

At Skibbereen HSE Campus we have re-opened the choir, which is now taking place each week on the campus with Director Liz Clark, who will also be helping healthcare staff in Bantry set up a new choir in the autumn. Featuring in Uillinn’s most recent podcast producer and presenter, Gavin Buckley speaks with Liz Clark about her choir work as well as HSE staff on their experiences of the art and music and other activites they are hoping to pursue.