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APRIL 2020

April already seems distant, with the mood in May quite different with the hope of eased restrictions and a government Roadmap for our future, so to have this document of the most bittersweet month so far of 2020, full of contrasting emotions – anxiety and calmness; distraction and focus on the moment; online noise and external quietness – is truly valuable.

APRIL 2020 is a project that creatively recorded experiences as they happened during the COVID-19 global pandemic. It invited individuals from the community directly connected with Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre and the Arts for Health Programme, to explore their connections and detachments and their personal and professional lived experiences during this very challenging time. Artists, participants, staff and colleagues each recorded one day during the month of April in 2020. This record took many forms each true to the moment experienced.

Check it out for yourself here

A special hearty thank you to all the contributors from Justine: Anne Harrington Rees, Toma McCullim, Louise Forsyth, Ruby Gazzaniga, Ana Ospina, Pascal Ungerer, Sarah Ruttle, Aoise Tutty, Liz Clark, Jean-Francois Py, Tomasz Madajzcak, Maxine Acton, Stella Gilfert, Gavin Buckley,  Bénédicte Colmain,  Klair Lambert, Lucy, Reddy O’Regan,  Roisin Walsh, Mairead Vaughan, Justin Grounds, Michael Greenlaw, Kevin O’Shanahan, Teresa O’Sullivan, Margo Daly, Sean, Sarah Cairns, Aisling Roche, Lily Horgan, Charlie Dunne, Kate McElroy.